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Pub food has improved dramatically where I come from. Usually better than fast food and more convenient than a restaurant.

Today I ate at home. Everything is packed into boxes except for some couscous, tins of chickpeas, blackbeans and chopped tomatoes. It turned out okay with some coriander, oregano and toasted cumin.

What are you looking forward to ordering or cooking this week?

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~euromancer wrote (thread):

I haven’t been eating well lately. I lost about ≈10 kg last 6 months. Have no idea what’s the cause. I just miss my old appetite and my body that looked a lot better back then.

~rosie88 wrote (thread):

I eat Keto so everything I eat I cook. There are some items I buy that are Keto friendly I have to be careful and make sure to read the nutritious label before I buy it. I just came home from the gym with Keto friendly dark chocolate ice cream Popsicle....I can't wait to try it tomorrow

On that list you made up there all I would be able to eat would be the chickpeas and chopped tomatoes. I like your choice in herbs.

~starbreaker wrote (thread):

I have some bratwurst marinating in barbeque sauce. If the rain lets up tonight I'll throw a couple on the grill.

~fungmungus wrote (thread):

I've recently gotten into the habit of always cooking a bit more rice than I need for any given meal, knowing that I'll turn the leftover cooked rice into fried rice in a day or two. Fried rice is delightfully easy - you can pretty much throw in whatever you want - and also really delicious and filling. Have some veggies? Maybe some meat or other protein? Eggs? Eggs are always great in fried rice.

I have some leftover rice from last night, so no doubt fried rice is on the menu in the next day or two.

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