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So I finally made it. I went to the city from my outskirts location. And after some long wanted shopping and staring at the shiny buildings of downtown, I found the small alley. And the sign "The Midnight". And in my pocket had been patiently waiting the little voodoo to actually enter. Nice. Good to be here.

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~starbreaker wrote:

Hello. Welcome to the Midnight. The barkeep mixes a mean White Lady.

And don't mind the cat. Smudge is something of a regular.

~stargazer wrote:


~rosie88 wrote:

Welcome to the Midnight Pub, ew. You will find it comfortable, friendly and welcoming. In no time you will become a regular like us all. Grab a seat and feel free to join in on the conversation.

"Hey bartender get ew whatever he wants, on me. I will have your best microbrew, thank you!"

~tlf wrote:

Nice to meet you and welcome.

~brewed wrote:

Welcome to the pub ew! Hope you enjoy it around here. I'm seated in the lounge, you're welcome to tag along!

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