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When you learn something new, you start seeing it everywhere ( Baader-Meinhof phenomenon) , so fill your head with new ideas you WANT to see everywhere, not bad depressing ideas (the news)

Garbage in, Garbage out.

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~stargazer wrote:

Great wisdom!

~clinquant wrote:

I started my day pretty okay, jumped on Gemini first thing when I turned on my laptop, then wandered into hackernews mirror and had regrets. Don't do this. :p

~tlf wrote (thread):

That's a great point. News is the most accessible thing on the internet, which ain't healthy. I used to be subscribed to more meditative RSS feeds but they're buried somewhere in my bookmark skip now. Must find them.

What do you do in this case, analog?

~rosie88 wrote:

I have to get over this bout of anger and frustration first and yes I agree, if we see the world through a renewed and refreshed lens then the bad will be replaced by the good.......thanks I needed that.

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