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Funny how sometimes you miss to see something that's right beneath your eyes, I think as I taste a new Negroni recipe behind the counter. ~burninator just made me realize that the pub sign just outside the entrance reads "Midmight".

It's because we've done the impossible and that makes us mighty!

Says enteka, I raise my glass to that and others follow.

So look, I think now is a good time for us to work toward fixing that sign outside. With the summer around the corner, we want to make sure the Midnight is in the best possible shape. We'll also want to take out the Terrace! I, myself, am only good to design cocktails. But I've seen some incredible ASCII artists around the place (*cough* she12 *cough*)!

So to all patrons: let your creativity kick-in and let's design a legit sign for the Midnight that we can proudly adorn to attract passer-bys from Main Street. The only requirement is for it to be in ASCII. Let's use this thread to post the signs!

And with that, who's keen on testing this new Negroni recipe?

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~starbreaker wrote:

I could use a Negroni.

This is the figlet font I've been using on my smol.pub site.

Command line is as follows:

~she12 wrote (thread):

So, for the terrace: I've put some furniture out and meat on the grill. But there's not much space in the alley when I stick to the char width:/

Maybe it's of any use anyway!?

Or maybe a roof terrace, with the skyline in the background, would be more appropriate?

~tlf wrote (thread):

Hmm. I just wanted to change the Midnnight to Midnight but when I'm in edit mode I can't quite tell where to delete :)

~she12 wrote:

Did I hear my name?

I still think that the current logo is a perfect fit. For some reason it is purple in my mobile browser, wich gives it that neon light touch...


Just a quick sketch, but with a pretty spacious terrace;)

I'll try harder... But for now: negron-me! That thing sounds sweet!

~starbreaker wrote (thread):

No idea if this will work until I post it.

command line:

~isvarahparamahkrsnah wrote (thread):

╔╦╗╦╔╦╗╔╗╔╦╔═╗╦ ╦╔╦╗ ╔═╗╦ ╦╔╗

║║║║ ║║║║║║║ ╦╠═╣ ║ ╠═╝║ ║╠╩╗

╩ ╩╩═╩╝╝╚╝╩╚═╝╩ ╩ ╩ ╩ ╚═╝╚═╝

~sev wrote:

I'll have a negromi as well please

~euromancer wrote (thread):

Funny that I emailed m15o few hours ago telling them that the sign is misspelled.

~tlf wrote (thread):

I think the width of the current sign is ideal and could work as a reference point (at least on mobile). Just a suggestion. There are other things to consider when it comes to art.

I'll have the usual now but I have to try a Negroni before I leave.

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