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Watch Out for Audiencr


It's been a while since I last got email from some pusbag who wants me to host their native advertising bullshit. These clowns never identify their client or how much they're willing to pay, but they expect me to be receptive to their pitches?

They're worse than tech recruiters, and I have no compunction when it comes to abusing them. They're lucky I don't quote Bill Hicks' advice to marketers, but they're in DIRE need of a suicide encouragement hotline.

Tonight's email comes from some asshole named Kristina who works for some UK outfit called Audiencr.

today's lucky winner

I mean, look at this piece of shit they call a website. These assholes can't even be bothered to get a SSL certificate from Lets Encrypt so they can be reached via HTTPS?

Bunch of unprofessional assclowns. Just look at this email I got tonight.

Here's my reply.

Yes, I know I'm wasting my time, but I'm dealing with a fair amount of rage right now and I don't have any scruples about bullying spammers.

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