Midnight Pub

Old Fashioned, Please!


Bartender: Scrolling on phone.

Me: Hey Bartender, I'll have an Old Fashioned, Please!

Bartender: Put's phone in pocket. You got it!

Me: Do you use social media?

Bartender: Yes, I was just on Instagram.

Me: Do you it's designed to spy on you?

Bartender: Say What?!

Me: Yes, it's all been proven they can control you.

Me: The good news is you have a choice.

Me: There's software that doesn't spy on you.

Bartender: How do I get that?

Me: Visit my website https://agnuwayofthinking.com

Me: Dropping a stack of silver dollars on the bar

Me: Walking away saying Take Back Your Freedom!

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~tskaalgard wrote:

I say this as a huge FOSShead:

pretty cringe, ngl

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