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I am not an insomniac, but...


I am not an insomniac, but I don't sleep enough. I went to bed after 1 am, and I have to get out about 7 am all weekday for work. Strangely, I am tired and I fell sleepy. I should go to bed about 23 pm and see if I am going less tired. I hope I am not sick (I have some doubts about it).

Anyway, to change subject, I start to migrate from Instapaper to Wallabag. I have some issues with Instapaper, and I am to try to regain control on my personal data. For the moment, I try the Wallabag.it instance, if it is OK, I will go to pay. I am not ready to deploy my own instance (and to managed and pay for a personal server).

Time to go, I have to work tomorrow, I hope I will be less tired.

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~tatterdemalion wrote (thread):

I run my own wallabag instance, and while it's pretty easy to run, it is an absolute pain in the arse to set up, compared to most PHP apps these days.

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