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Sometimes I just want to just sit and spend an entire day doing nothing. Today was such a day.

When I feel overwhelmed, either I tend to do one thing at a time or just slack off for a day.

I will be back at being productive tomorrow.

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~nopalm wrote:

I think it is very important to define what "productive" is for yourself. Sometimes slacking off is actually helping you get where you want to go or at least exist in the manner that is most comfortable to you. Trying to always at least appear busy be its own form of slacking. Better to take a nice nap I say!

~euromancer wrote:

I love being lazy. I love to dedicate an entire day to be lazy, just relaxing on the couch playing video games or being in home in general. Although doing nothing sometimes is as hard as doing things: sometimes I catch myself just staring at a browser homepage having no idea what to do. And it ain’t very convenient with a 5 day work week. I wish I had more time to devote it to being lazy, while not missing on hanging out with friends or working. A “lazy day” is your day — the day when you can either spend your time and energy on yourself only, or accumulate them to get the most of other days

~starbreaker wrote:

Laying down is justice.

~rosie88 wrote:

I am an introvert, I get overwhelmed by what the busy day entails that when I get home I just go to my room and just relax. I am more at home in nature, a forest with natural noises is what renews and invigorates me. That is when I am not being "lazy".

~ew wrote:

Doing "nothing" isn't as simple as it sounds ... :-)

Two folks sitting on the beach:

A: What are you doing?

B: Nothing.

A: Aha, but didn't you do "nothing" yesterday, too?

B thinks a little

B: Sure, but I didn't finish!

From some German cartoon still visible in my memory from a really long time ago.

~fungmungus wrote:

I often feel that doing "nothing" is underrated and being "productive" is overrated. Both are essentially subjective states. Being productive just for productivities sake seems like a weird thing a lot of us do. and the doing of nothing is not really not doing anything at all, but more often, a case where we need to recharge our batteries. I can personally be very social and active, but I am also a major introvert and have to have that "do nothing" time periodically when I can just recharge from things.

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