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(edited to add: I may change this policy, in which case I'll delete this post. If you have any suggestions for a good blogging platform, please leave me a comment.)

edit 2: I've been convinced to keep posting long-form stuff here, but please bear in mind that I probably won't be editing links in. Or I might do the footnotes thing if there's only a couple, or something.

Anyway, here's a mirror list of where I write also; the content is the same.




You may be asking if there's any meaningful difference. The content is the same, but the sites have their pros and cons. Substack and Write.as allow e-mail subscriptions (and I don't charge for anything on either). Medium just lets you follow writers on the site, and you have to have a Medium account to do so. Medium allows comments with an account, and Substack allows them but I'm not sure what the requirements are. Write.as does not allow comments, but you can always e-mail me (my address is on my write.as page).

Aesthetically, Medium and Substack are both black-on-white. Write.as uses a light-on-dark scheme if you prefer that. Beyond that, it's just whatever you find most comfortable for reading.

Medium and Substack also have a lot more embedded nonsense, trackers, and what-have-you. uBlockOrigin registers one blocked tracker on Substack, but 28(!) on Medium. Write.as is generally better, although I embedded a YouTube video in one of my posts and that brought along a host of unfortunate things. My Write.as theme also pulls a font from Google Fonts, so bear that in mind.

[I hope this isn't too much of a hassle for any of my regular readers, but as I said it was just getting to be too much to post to four different spots all with their own unique formatting requirements. Meanwhile, the Midnight just doesn't feel like the place to shout a whole essay, or even to leave copies on the bar. It's better for smaller conversations, which after all can still lead to big things.] <-- no longer applies

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~rosie88 wrote (thread):


I haven't been on much because life has kept me busy but I did read this post and I would like to recommend telegra.ph It is dencentralize, minimum, simple and amazing. I have used it myself three times and enjoyed it. You can add images, embed links, etc. basically you can do anything to it really. You can post long blogs or super short ones doesn't matter and it's all free. I would suggest though that you copy the URL once you publish your blog post and paste it in a notepad just so you can refer back to it. Thank you, I find writing, even if it's only for my own reading, refreshing, cathartic and liberating.

~m15o wrote (thread):

As long as you keep writing, I’ll be happy to read you from anywhere! Have a look at smol.pub if you haven’t already. :)

~nargran wrote (thread):

It's nothing of my business, but why not just posting on a simple, static blog or website? Substack is full of JS and tracking nonsense, as you say, and Medium tries to force you pay after a certain number of reads. You don't even need to self host if you don't want to, WordPress, Blogger or even Tumblr would already be much better than any of those. I'm just saying this because in my still very short stay in the Pub I've enjoyed your longer writings, and it would be a pity to have them buried in one of those places.

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