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Gemini space is giving me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside, like finding a secret spot as a kid that you then share with your friends. It is open to everyone but still feels hidden, and it somehow feels much more meaningful to me than the big web.

My parents were among the first to have met each other over the very early internet, on a blogging platform that must have been very similar to this place. As a digital native I never experienced those times when websites were still obscure things and bloggers hosted their own servers, and I thought I never would. But here we are and I am excited to explore this space and contribute to it in what little ways I can!

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~edisondotme wrote:

Same feeling I had after discovering it! Low tech is great

~nopalm wrote:

welcome, grab a seat anywhere!

~fish-fingerer wrote:

~rosie88 wrote (thread):

I want to be the first to welcome you to the smolnet and to this wonderful virtual place called the Midnight Pub. Enjoy yourself, I look forward to seeing you around more.

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