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again and again and again


"How does it help you to think that the world conspires against you? ... How does it help the world the way we think about the challenges we now face?"

The "world" is (haha) arguably no more merely a mental model we've come to believe is more than merely a mental model, as is any "self" - especially the kind quite ouroboros-ically believing the mere mental model of itself believing in said model as well as models of not-itself are - each - more than merely mental models....

The "re-" prefix suggests "again", e.g. re-petition, re-member.

It's practice. It makes seemly perfectly is.

That is, seemingly re-all....

Say where?

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~rosie88 wrote (thread):

Apparently the "world" you linked to is no longer there, is it a conspiracy or is it reality? I clicked on the click baity link and it lead me to an abyss of nothingness but alas I speak of a reality that is.........no longer the "world.

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