Midnight Pub

(Bouncer intervened)


[Bartender]: Sorry about that folks! Been a while since I had seen such in the pub. Next round on the house.

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~rosie88 wrote:

Don't know what that all about but as they say.........ignorance is bliss....at least in this case

~littlejohn wrote:

I don't come to the pub for a few weeks and *that*'s when all the bar fights happen?

Why is it that I miss all the good bar fights!?

~nsilvestri wrote:

What a waste of a power of four post ID. Thanks, bartender and bouncer!

~inquiry wrote:

<lifts head from the Jameson puddle before him>

Dang! I *knew* I should have read whatever it was last night while I had the chance!

~tatterdemalion wrote:


~calgacus wrote (thread):

How do I delete somebody else's post? At what point does the bartender kick patrons out?

EDIT: Thanks for taking care of that one, bartender! Hate it when a loudmouth ruins a quiet night out.

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