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Gotta warm up


Hey yall, got this account up and running. I took a break from my computer over the Thanksgiving holiday and came back to find the Midnight Pub all renovated and clean. The place still has that new paint smell. Anyway, I sat down at lunch and tested out some code on the homepage, I didn't come up with it but I do want to edit the colors and font some more. Has that midnight bar feel at least. Two weeks of work left and deadlines are approaching! See yall around.

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~nsilvestri wrote:

Okay, that's just too cool. Now I _gotta_ do something to my own.

~brewed wrote (thread):

Wow jetgirl, thrilled to see you here! Haha your homepage looks amazing. Love that brick wall. There are some pretty awesome themes around here. I'm getting tempted to create a page that lists all the different ones.

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