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Enough week for today


It's Friday noon over here.

It has been a weird, different week. I don't want to complain here. I'll leave it as a difficult/strange group of days.

That said, it's a nice moment to start resting. Tomorrow I plan to attend an event to show our artisanal board games in our town and also make some furniture for the home.

I'm optimistic that next week will be much better for all of us. I'll raise my cup of wine for us, cheers! 🍷

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~benj wrote:

I raise my moscato to you!

This week has been a crazy one too (meeting is the most draining part of my job… and I’ve had this what I usually have in like a month!)

But the weekend is here! I like leaving the house, even if just to drive around in nature or explore downtown. A good way for me to feel that is a different day than every day.

So, I wish a good weekend and good next week to you!

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