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I've just recently deleted the last vestiges of my social media presence (Discord), reducing my social interactions to entirely in person + the one person I text a day. (Not coincidentally, this is my first ever post on here/any gemini social site in general... I do still need human interaction I guess) I still find myself addicted to my phone though, pulling it out of my pocket just to stare at the blank screen for a few moments, despite knowing there isn't gonna be anything on there. I do suppose using a platform like this is better though, being not designed to addict and intrude into our daily lives like the mainstream social platforms.

Not sure what my point is in this. Maybe I just wanted an elaborate way to say hi ?

Glad I could join the small-web with y'all :)

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~cobradile wrote:

I’ve done the same thing with my iPad and I’m experiencing the exact same thing. Feels like I’m going through a withdrawal, and I didn’t even consider myself addicted to it!

I’m surprised this isn’t talked about more.

~chipperdoo wrote:

Welcome to the pub!

After I initially discovered Gemini, I did the typical maximilist approach of immersing myself into as much of Geminispace as I could; Every nook and cranny (I'm sure I didn't even spend that long exploring in reality).

For the first week or so all I could think about was how much I thought Gemini was awesome and how I should make as much stuff as I can into gemtext (I still love the simplicity of gemtext and use it to take notes a lot).

After my initial obsessive phase wore off, I pretty much just ended up with my own server and a few feeds that I'm subscribed to: The Midnight, ~Ploum's offline typewriter, and a handful more.

Anyway, what I think I'm trying to say is:

As amazing as Gemini is and how amazing Geminispace is, you end up never getting "addicted" as such, you just end up finding *really* interesting stuff to read!

Enjoy the pub mate. ~Bartender, A nice warm port for me and a round of anything for our new patron!

~jgreene wrote:

I had similar thoughts today. Like, 2 different ways to interact with the web.

One is touching a thousand things, but only shallowly. The other is touching only a few things, deeply.

The second way is better.

The present state of the web fosters the first way.

~inquiry wrote:

~ew wrote (thread):

Hello and welcome! I'm one of these strange animals who have never subscribed to the so called social media. So I don't miss it. This place and gemini space is pretty chill.

~bartender? Whatever the newcomer likes, it's on me! And for me a stout, preferably from that microbrewery ... you know, the one, äh, last time ... oh well. Whatever you have :-)


~aftergibson wrote (thread):

Welome! In the same boat! (But haven't removed discord yet myself). I like lurking on here and occasionally posting. At least I know there isn't teams of people gaming the system to short-circuiting my brain to compel me to return as often as possible, so I think it's safe enough here!

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