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I walk into The Midnight after a nice walk. It's a bit chilly around here by now, but no snow yet. ~bartender has seen me come in and briefly talk to the newcomer. So my stout is already in the works.

At the counter I see a big newspaper being held by ... Hmm. I need to change places to find out, it seems. Oh, its ~ealpmx. "¡Buenas tardes, hombre!" I say in my ramshackle Spanish. He looks up and smiles. "¡Buenaaas!" I stare at his paper unable to make out, what it is. Then it dawns on me! He's looking at a printout of this weeks news items on Antenna! I'm impressed. Best offline reading ever! And still hot off the press! How nice! Good work, ealpmx!




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~eaplmx wrote (thread):

Hey! Thanks for sharing, and great Spanish BTW!

I was disconnected from everything for personal reasons and I hadn't seen your post. I'm glad you like it =)

I'll be sharing the source code for next weeks and an update for the weekly Magazine/Newspaper soon. ¡Salud!

~chipperdoo wrote (thread):

This is awesome!

I recently set up wallabag so I could easily save articles for later and have the added benefit of easy epubs/mobis for my kindle-in-always-airplane-mode!

There is something very nice about reading the news (especially my own custom feed) on a near paper device while sitting in the sun <3.

~tatterdemalion wrote:

I need to give this a try. I use my ebook reader constantly, and having an epub of the week's Antenna feed would be a good alternative to having a Gemini client on it.

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