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In Austria yesterday, I walked and scrambled up one of those huge southern walls of the Karwendel Range that protects Germany from being overrun by Innsbruckers at the base of the wall. Why do I keep this childish way of thinking about mountains?

I don't know, but I'll continue. On strange trails, you see strange things.

The more free I become inside, the more I want a small reflective space, something like a warm cave with a fire. A "pub" sounds right. There would be people who know what you are. They nod in your direction, and continue on their own line. You are gently seen, and gently ignored until you wish otherwise.

This is what it should have been. One dark ale, please.

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~chase wrote:

Love this little piece!

~chipperdoo wrote:

Welcome to the pub!

You'll see nothing but warm faces here. That may be due to ~bartender getting a batch of ~nsilvestri's ciders!

~calgacus wrote (thread):

Welcome to the pub friend! Hope you're staying safe over there, know things are getting a bit hairy in the Alps...

~ew wrote (thread):

Hej, welcome! A good friend from school day went over to the Innsbrucker side and never came back! Go figure! :-)

First snow close to here ... Brrrr.

So a dark ale at the fire place sounds just about right! ~bartender?

~bartender wrote:

This ain't the nicest pub in the city, but it's ours! Welcome, I'll bring your ale next to the fireplace.

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