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As a Linux user, I have now been using macOS for some time now. I find that macOS has pretty much everything that I could ask from an operating system, even a decent package manager through Brew.

What operating systems do you use?

What, if anything, would sell me back on Linux? :)

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~aoeu wrote:

What operating systems do you use?

I'm currently using Alpine Linux Edge on both my laptop and my desktop as I found it to be one of the best Linux distributions for me. While I have experimented around with Gentoo and KISS Linux, I wouldn't want to use them on a day-to-day basis.

What, if anything, would sell me back on Linux? :)

Depends on what you want from an operating system.

~starbreaker wrote:

What operating systems do you use?

I've been using Slackware (-current, since 14.2 is old 'n busted). It's a comprehensive distro, their implementations of KDE and XFCE are rock solid, and almost everything seems to "just work" for me. It still feels like BSD, but without the inconveniences.

What, if anything, would sell me back on Linux? :)

You've got to decide that for yourself.

~tetris wrote:

Arch (fast, easy, minimal) + GUIX package management on top because I like the way the system is a sea of links and breaks convention from the LHS whilst being completely compatible with it.

Imagine being able to rollback package installations at a whim. GUIX is really fun, try it!

~ahirusan wrote:

So I use :

Maybe next year, I will change pro laptop and could not stay on Arch for this for some professional commodities.

~mkb wrote:

What, if anything, would sell me back on Linux? :)


~tskaalgard wrote:

1. being in control of your system

~eaplmx wrote (thread):

I use the mainstream versions of Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS. By a matter of choice but also for work (making games for main platforms).

I'm intrigued on OS/Distributions/Platforms like BSD, Chrome book OS, Raspberry PI OS, Pico 8... Sadly I don't have that much time to experiment like years before, but always open to learn something cool :)

~kijetesantakalu wrote (thread):

I currently use EndeavourOS because it was easy to setup, but i don't really like it. I tried out Void Linux and it's where my heart lies. I love everything about it, but I can't justify deleting and spending days reinstalling every little thing i have on my pc already

~ew wrote (thread):

At home I use Debian GNU/Linux exclusively. With just a tiling window manager (i3 or sway). I have toyed with other stuff:

I absolutely need to have emacs and bash running, everything else is a second thought.

At dayjob I have to deal with windows10 and I hate it. But then --- right after DOS I went for IBM mainframes and DEC/VMS equipment, several Unix flavours. I sort of skipped Windows. I never got the hang of it and I honestly don't miss it.

~nsilvestri wrote (thread):

I'm on Windows now. I want to like Linux, and prefer it for development, but it's nothing that I can't do through WSL. At this point I get the best of both worlds: software compatibility and functionality, but also all the development boons. Still drive Arch on my laptop, though.

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