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How the hell are yall?


Long time no post, huh?

Since going back into the office I've had negative time to do much, getting up at 6am and getting home at 7pm just eats up the whole entire day.

Started a new blog over at jetgirl.art if yall wanna grab the RSS or extract it in some way.

Hope to get more time on my PC but with new baby and work it's slim pickins for proper "computer time".

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~shiloh wrote:


I haven't been on in a hot minute either. I've been doing alright, but most of my time has been taken up doing schoolwork, cooking for my friends, working out, and spending the precious few days around Thanksgiving with my family back home. Now I've got 2/5 finals done with for this semester, and have a couple days to unwind before the last 3.

~eaplmx wrote:

These last weeks I've been feeling like this:


~ew wrote:

Hellooo, nice to see you around. All the best to the baby and to Mom, of course!

~bitdweller wrote (thread):

Heeey congrats on the baby! Is it the first one? I had my first 3 months ago, I'm still in awe...

~m15o wrote:

Heyyy jetgirl! Great to see you around. :) Congrats on being able to start a new blog with that crazy schedule. Bless RSS -- I've added you to my feed.

~till-we-have-faces wrote:

I like your note on your blog about going to Dallas shopping for days. I grew up outside of Waco and remember that trips to the "big city" (sometimes Austin) were exhausting but fun. Always a mix of furniture, something exotic like a VCR and, oh, clothes. I hated that part. :p.

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