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Hi, all!

Bartender, pour me a beer, please. And not a cheap one, nor a traditional one. I had a bad beer (the most sold in the country) yesterday at a friend's house and it left me a bitter taste (figuratively and literally, too).

Wanna talk about self hosting? For the past year I've been slowly moving some services to self hosted alternatives and it's all been going very well.

I'm currently self hosting a music server (I've been doing this for 3 years now), backups for a website/app thingie with 6 users, Syncthing for files and smartphone photo backup, a web based file manager and 2 personal websites.

I'm very happy with it and I want to also host an RSS reader, maybe a searx instance.

For this I'm using a Raspberry Pi 1, a Raspberry Pi 3, an external SSD, 2 SD cards, and an Ethernet cable.

Why 2 Raspberry Pies? I figured I'd set up 2 Syncthing instances so if one fails, I'll have the other and the backups keep rolling! I was going to set up 2 drives on RAID, but this sounded easier for me and more resistant, maybe? I already had 2 Raspberry Pies anyways!

So, what do you guys self host?

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~mieum wrote (thread):

xmpp server (prosody) for chat, sms, and audio/video calls

~ew wrote (thread):

Hi ~bitdweller! Good to see you. ~bartender? A stout, please. Thanks!

Self hosting, you ask? Oh well. I do have a small system that is up 7x24h. It serves dhcp, dns, ntp, mqtt, smtp and imap, apt (apt-cacher), git (nginx/cgit), gemini (agate), mqtt, influxdb and grafana for nice graphs of environmental data, and even a much neglected nextcloud instance. Sounds like a lot? Well, not really. Accessible from the planet wide network are only 2 things: the gemini capsule as a onion service, and ssh access via a hidden onion service. And the gemini server has a publicly accessible copy on sourcehut.

Is that still "self hosting"? /me takes another sip.

I have toyed with the idea to setup another small system to serve as a family chat/messaging/picture-exchange server using freedombone/libreserver. But it has not become a reality, more so since I'm without a smart phone. /me stares a long while out of the window into the rain, that has washed away most of yesterdays snow. On the other hand, if I don't offer this family service, there is no chance for them to even try out alternative, self hosted services. I'm the "strange uncle" already "who is afraid of google", as they phrase it. But since I'm not on whatsapp or similar, I don't even hear much. Apparently email is too old fashioned and slow.

So yes, I do self host for myself and my wife. But that's about as far as it gets, I think.

For the records: the small system is a pcengines.ch APU2.

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