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An introduction


A small, pale woman with black hair in a messy ponytail slowly enters the pub. She squints from behind spectacles at the handwritten chalkboard sign, scanning it quickly. She takes off her large over-ear headphones, resting them around her neck on her shoulders. Removing her black peacoat, she rests it on the coatrack, and sits at the bar.

Her brow furrows slightly as she peruses the menu, and then her features light up when she finds exactly what she's looking for. She folds her hands in front of her and waits for the bartender to come up to her.

"Hi, how are you?"


"That's great! I'm well, thank you. I'm Luna. I'd love some of your Moroccan mint tea; extra-strong, please!" Again, Luna folds her hands on the bar, taking in the sounds as her eyes explore the art and history on display behind the bar. One can learn a lot about a place by looking at the objects on display. This applies as well to a home as to a business. She nods at a few things, taking note of them for later inquiry, and takes her tea to a quiet corner.

Following a long-running tradition, she prefers to observe a community and learn its rules before directly engaging. She produces a book (with a bookmark from a local independent bookstore), a notebook (complete with a tea stain on the edges of most of its pages), and a fountain pen (curiously capless) from her oversized hoodie. She leans back against the wall (another benefit of choosing a corner!) and starts to read. Occasionally she lifts her glance to note a conversation or interesting passer-by, but otherwise focuses on her book.

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~bartender wrote:

You have a way with words, Luna! Welcome to the pub! We’re lucky to have you around. Extra strong mint-tea it is.

~starbreaker wrote (thread):

Smudge watches the new visitor, his tufted ears and long white whiskers straining forward. His bushy tail lazily swishes, and with a trill he jumps down and pads over to the newcomer, tail standing tall. I hope she likes kitties.

~ew wrote (thread):

Hello Luna, take all the time you need "observing". We are here.

The scent of that tea sure is good. But I'm more likely in a "hot chocolate" mood. Whenever bartender has a minute ...

~ploum wrote (thread):

"A newcomer", I whisper. "I wonder if she will join the Vim or the Emacs side of the room."

~calgacus wrote (thread):

Greetings Luna! What are we reading today?

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