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Rekindling IRC


A while ago, I had set a little IRC room:


However, I haven't really taken the time to hang around there and explore IRC yet. Which is such a shame, since it's what I wanted to do back then. But it's never too late, is it? I'd love to rekindle the pub's IRC experience for those of you who want to join!

midnight-pub on libera.chat

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~littlejohn wrote (thread):

Ooh! I'm not at home right now and I took my middlebox offline a looong time ago, but I'm gonna join as soon as I get back :-)

~thedaemon wrote:

I started back into irc this year as well. libera.chat specifically even. Most of the BSD's are there and that's who I mainly hang out with, fellow Beasties. I'll auto-join #midnight-pub.

~tskaalgard wrote:

I've joined via Matrix/Element and I'll definitely hang around

~voidstar wrote (thread):

i'll try to dial in tonight (around 2021-12-20 23:00 UTC) from my commodore 64!

~ew wrote (thread):

Hello ~m15o, I'm on the channel right now (2021-12-19 18:42 UT).

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