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Happy Holidays


Tetris staggers though the bar door carrying a bag full of unwrapped last minute gifts and collapses onto the sofa by the fireplace. He holds up two fingers to the barman to signal some kind of drink, but no one is entirely sure what kind, and no one dares to ask after he closes his eyes and begins to doze with his zipped up winter jacket hiked up to his waist. His wife will call him in a half hour or two to beckon him home, but as the fire crackles softly next to what appears to be two shots of cherry schnaps, he feels safe and content.

Merry Christmas!

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~chipperdoo wrote:

Happy Holidays everyone! A round of virtual drinks on me!

~m15o wrote:

/me opens a beer

/me drinks the beer

/me opens another beer

/me Happy *hic* holidays everyone!

~littlejohn wrote:

Happy holidays everyone! Here's to another happy Christmas together!

~nopalm wrote:

enjoy those drinks and fire.

~brewed wrote:

Thanks for all the gifts tetris! And Merry Christmas to you as well. Now my favorite part: unwrapping!

~thedaemon wrote:

Merry Christmas to you and your kin.

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