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When the wheels come off


So we tested negative for COVID two days ago (home test), giving us confidence to have family over.

They came, and it was a great time.

The next morning (yesterday) I started feeling incredibly odd, primarily muscle aches, but also joint and urinary tract inflammation. I stayed away from the others.

By the time the last of them left, I took the same home test, and the results were positive....

Within an hour of that I spent the rest of the day enduring those symptoms, plus a fever that went over 103F at one point, and much classic fever delirium.

<begin mind-wandering interlude>

huh... I think there was a band in the 1990s named 'Delirium' that I rather liked....

(yeppers: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Delerium)

(the one album of theirs I actually purchased: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chimera_(Delerium_album))

<end mind-wandering interlude>

So... we're supposed to get our first significant snowfall starting in a few hours, hope to have the energy to work the snowblower... need to deal with the boss (school principal) about how to approach quarantine (i.e. "work from home" versus "sick days" versus "vacation days"... they're pathetic cheap asses so it'll most likely be a combination of the latter two).

Not to complain or anything, of course.... :-)

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~b0b89 wrote (thread):

That sucks. Hopefully you feel better quick

~ew wrote (thread):

Uh, oh, not so good. Hope you are recovering fast, and without any long term traces ... Of course, I'd suggest to have a Schnaps, but I know myself, that doesn't help much :)

~bitdweller wrote (thread):

Oh, man, that sucks! I hope you're doing fine and it goes away quickly and painlessly (as it does for most people).

Push for that remote work as hard as you can! We all need more rights at work but you guys [0] do need them more than any other developed country so, if it means something, I support you! Little fight the big fight!

[0] By the use of Fahrenheit, I'm assuming you're in the US.

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