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Discussing about Gemini on Gemini?

november: Re: Discussing about Gemini on Gemini

I, too, would like to see specialized Antenna instances for topics, especially fiction. Two problems I see with it, though:

Still, something to think about.

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~eaplmx wrote:


Announcing "Cosmos"

👀 Not the exact thing but with similar ideas

~ew wrote (thread):

Hello ~tatterdemalion,

I have seen this thread, too. Somehow my brain insists that Antenna has filters. So it would be a matter of getting that to work better. But now I'm unable to find a reference %^> It's not /that/ late yet, is it?

Apart from that, several instances, possibly with cross sync, won't do any harm, imho.

~bartender? I would like to have a lager, please! And a round of tapas, whatever ~remy can fix up, for everyone! :-)


PS: gemini://warmedal.se/~antenna/filter

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