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What solution do you have for web bookmarks management ?


Hi Bartender, can I have one Coke zero please ? Thank you.

Hello guys and girls,

I have a question, what do you use to manage your web bookmarks ?

I have some bookmarks on my browser (the main bookmarks) and I have a pinboard account with about 6000 web bookmarks (yes, I know) since about 6 years and I have to renew in a few weeks, but I don't know if I want to keep it and repay (the base price double since last time I paid, and I had discount because I paid for 5 years)

Furthermore, I try to use the bookmark part on my Nextcloud, but it is too slow for me... Maybe, it tries to do some sync of my ~6000 bookmarks and download a lot of things on my Nextcloud, but I don't know.

If you have any suggestion about bookmarks management, I will be happy.

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~eaplmx wrote:

Hello everyone! Bartender, please give me something warm to drink. My house is too cold! Do you have 'ponche con piquete'? What a shame! Anything will work....


In college time I used the Bookmarks from the Browser (Firefox and then Chrome), then online solutions like del.icio.us.

I think I can't suggest anything. I discovered that I hate managing lists, I try to keep my bookmarks list close to 0 (and the same for email, I have those mailboxes with 7,000 unread)

Nowadays, usually looking for the first result in the search engine (DDG, Google, Kagi) is enough. The History of the Browser is cool too, lastly I paste it in some chat with Links to check later. Usually to Session or Telegram Instant Messengers.


What I have A LOT is passwords stored on BitWarden. Bad thing is that they are not cached locally. If I don't get Internet, I can't use my (online) services, so maybe is not that dangerous.

Perhaps something open sourced could help you?

~tskaalgard wrote:

I've literally never never needed more bookmarks than a web browser could store for me. If I need to sync I just manually export them from one machine to the other.

~aoeu wrote:

A plain text file that I occasionally back up onto my SD Card for when I'm going outside for a bit.

~nopalm wrote (thread):

not a solution for everyone of course, but I use firefox sync since that is the browser I use on most platforms.

~unclereaton wrote:

I just have a... text file :)

Nothing fancy but that's the way I like the most.

~starbreaker wrote (thread):


Org Mode

Everything you need

~tatterdemalion wrote:

I self-host Wallabag. It took a while to import my pinboard.in bookmarks, but it's generally been worth it. Good Firefox extension, decent mobile app, good integration with KOReader on my ebook reader. A bit hard to set up.

~inquiry wrote:

I slowly morphed my web desires from being based on what I thought I'd want to remember/revisit to whatever comes my way in moments of fits of following content associations.

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