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Hi shiloh. I work at a university, albeit on the research rather than teaching side, so I do hear the waves of semesters crashing in the distance. They used to make themselves known by the presence or absence of undergraduate students. The corridors, coffee shops and nearby pubs would be fuller or emptier depending on the time of year (although those of us working there all year 'round always knew somewhere quiet to go!)... but now semesters are even more muted as I work from home.

Still, I hope you made headway on your essay as well as your pint! They have a good house stout here. When I lived in the US I used to enjoy stouts and porters by Deschutes (Obsidian Stout, Black Butte Porter) and Heretic (Chocolate Hazelnut Porter) - not sure I've ever had one from Florida though!

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~shiloh wrote (thread):

Hi! I finished the essay yesterday, but rather than a beer, I went out hunting with my dad for the evening. Didn't get any hogs, but it was nice to see the sun set over the palms and pine trees and cattle fields. To be honest, I haven't made much headway into different breweries and varieties, but I'll keep those in mind so I can enjoy something new.


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