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I eat Keto so everything I eat I cook. There are some items I buy that are Keto friendly I have to be careful and make sure to read the nutritious label before I buy it. I just came home from the gym with Keto friendly dark chocolate ice cream Popsicle....I can't wait to try it tomorrow

On that list you made up there all I would be able to eat would be the chickpeas and chopped tomatoes. I like your choice in herbs.

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~tlf wrote (thread):

I'm depending on herbs these days since like yourself, I mostly prepare my own food. Great that you're doing that - although doing it all the time does wear me out a little. Nice that there are some compatible keto treats for you too. I tend to only eat 90% cacao chocolate for gut health reasons. Not as nice as the more buttery ones, but long term the benefits are better for me. How long have you been eating keto for?

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