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I'm Matthew, a GenX metalhead from New York who codes for a living and writes bad science fantasy.

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2021-09-16 I've been away a while...

2021-05-31 Watch Out for Audiencr

2021-05-29 i hate fast food (rant)

2021-05-27 I Think I'll Keep My Mask

2021-05-24 No More Fediverse

2021-05-23 How I Know It's Time to Leave

2021-05-20 The First Fiction I've Written Since January

2021-05-18 Just the Text, Huh?

2021-05-10 Buy a House, Get Noticed by Scammers

2021-04-30 Retrieving and Cleaning the Limyaael Rants

2021-04-14 rockout - generate and listen to playlists in your terminal

2021-03-31 Something I Wrote Over a Decade Ago

2021-03-31 Testing Post-From-Shell

2021-03-08 Smudge

2021-01-20 A little experiment

2021-01-18 He wasn't exactly a hero, but...

2021-01-15 Dirty Dancing

2021-01-14 The Revenge of Borgia Pizza

2021-01-11 Thoughts on the January 6 Insurrection Attempt (CW for US politics)

2021-01-10 Excerpt from the draft of *When You Don't See Me*

2021-01-09 My Wife Gave Me an AlphaSmart 3000 for Christmas

2021-01-04 meow?

2021-01-04 The Milgram Battery (fiction)

2021-01-02 Re: ~nsilvestri Mirror

2020-12-30 Re: ~oracle (Filial Piety Considered Harmful)

2020-12-29 Re: "I can't say I'm pleased" by @firefliesblueskies

2020-12-29 Filial Piety Considered Harmful

2020-12-10 Please Mind the Cat

2020-12-04 It's been a while.

2020-12-04 Wasn't Expecting This

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