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2021-12-13 Fleetingness

2021-11-22 Third-life Crisis?

2021-11-07 How are we doing tonight?

2021-11-04 everybody sucks

2021-10-25 Weekends go by far too fast...

2021-09-18 Where did the themes go?

2021-09-14 Sick of Local Businesses with No Website (Just a Facebook Page, of Course)

2021-07-01 I love that the Pub is not a monolith groupthink.

2021-06-23 An internet radio station for the Pub would be really cool, don't you think?

2021-05-27 Good morning, pub!

2021-04-29 Modernism, Post-modernism, and Neo-modernism.

2021-04-21 Hello from the Matrix Room!

2021-04-20 Everything-over-IP

2021-04-17 Does anyone want to play some Diablo II?

2021-04-16 Why can't I just be normal?

2021-04-15 Clearing conversations, why is it offensive?

2021-04-02 Buying Music in 2021.

2021-03-29 New Experiences with Old Tools

2021-03-25 A Thought on Horror Stories

2021-03-19 Podcasts?

2021-03-18 On the Embaddening of Geek Culture

2021-03-16 Thoughts on Education and Employment.

2021-03-16 Matrix Room!

2021-03-12 Do any of you chat on Matrix?

2021-03-01 The Paradox

2021-02-25 Cabin Fever

2021-02-25 Meeting People Online

2021-02-23 What do you guys think of my site?

2021-02-16 Anyone use IRC?

2021-02-16 Nostalgia

2021-02-15 I hate my job so much.

2021-02-10 This place is great.

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