Welcome to my gemlog! I'm trying to build a small blog here where i talk about projects and have some ramblings and thoughts shared.

πŸ‘¨ About me

I'm Felix "xq" Queißner, demoscener and coder from Germany. I discovered computers way too early in my life and spent too much time on them.

Interests are in speeding up things and make software with less cruft.

πŸ’» Projects

This is a list of projects i maintain or work on. Not every project is listed, but these are the ones i can show off without feeling bad for either project state or quality:

⌨️ Ashet Home Computer

πŸ’Ž Kristall Small-Internet Browser

πŸ‘§ The LoLa Programming Language

πŸ“¦ Community-maintained zig package repository

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ³ Cookbook

I'm also a hobby cook, sharing some recipies of mine here so you guys can cooking something delicious. Note that i usually don't do measures when cooking so you need to bring *some* experience and intuition to cook those meals.

πŸ– Scalloped Gyro

🍝 Spicy&Sweet Pasta

πŸ“š Blog

Topics are usually tech stuff and project logs, don't expect too much words (or entries) here though.

[13.06.2021] Rant: Gemini is not Gemini

[20.04.2021] Beating gnu yes in throughput

[05.03.2021] zig-gemtext - A new gemini text parser

[04.03.2021] ftz - A small file transfer tool

[03.03.2021] Distributed trust in gemini space

[17.02.2021] FOSDEM - Create an Android Application with Zig

[11.10.2020] Resource Pooling for Games

[09.06.2020] RFC: Improved(?) Data Upload for Gemini

[07.06.2020] Kristall Small-Internet Browser

[26.05.2020] Hacking a Gemini web frontend

[23.05.2020] shackspace Thundertalks 2020

πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ Others

😩 Client Rendering Torture Suite

βš›οΈ Atom Feed for the blog

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