2021-02-06 NOTE: The Republic is full! For the moment we are no

longer accepting account requests.

You can request an account on this server by sending an email to

'slugmax@tilde.team' with the subject 'Republic new user request'

and containing your requested username and SSH public key.

You'll get a message back after some time (hopefully within a day or

two) with confirmation and brief instructions on how to login,

either using ssh or sftp, and how to get a hold of your account

password (not required for login but still required for shell users

who run chsh, for example).

Note: You can generate a new SSH keypair by running 'ssh-keygen' and

accepting the defaults on whatever host you want to connect from.

This will generate a file named 'id_rsa.pub' that is what you send

by email. Take care to not send your private keyfile (the one named

'id_rsa' by default), otherwise you'll need to regenerate both keys.

For existing users on the Zaibatsu: We're enforcing a 'no

dual-citizenship' policy. You can have a user account on one of the

Republic or Zaibatsu but not both. This is to keep things fair -

both servers have limited resources and this allows more people to

use them. There is less need to even have more than one account

since IRC and BBS are shared resources. If you do want to move from

Zaibatsu to Republic, the admins will give you time to migrate your

data but after some reasonable time period we'll remove your

Zaibatsu account (we'll work with you and help you migrate accounts

if needed).

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