Lagrange is a desktop GUI client for browsing Geminispace. It offers modern conveniences familiar from web browsers, such as smooth scrolling, inline image viewing, multiple tabs, visual themes, Unicode fonts, bookmarks, history, and page outlines.

Like Gemini, Lagrange has been designed with minimalism in mind. It depends on a small number of essential libraries. It is written in C and uses SDL for hardware-accelerated graphics. OpenSSL is used for secure communications.

Screenshot (showing "")


help.gmi (release branch)


Prebuilt binaries for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Lagrange on Flathub (for Linux) — see below for known issues

Source code and resources (.tar.gz, 22 MB)

On macOS you can install and upgrade via Homebrew:

On openSUSE Tumbleweed:

On other platforms (e.g., *BSD), you'll need to compile the source tarball (CMake).

What's new?


Release announcement (on the gemlog)


If you have questions, comments or improvement ideas, you can reach me via:

GitHub: Bug reports, feature requests, PRs

Codeberg: PRs

UI translations (Weblate) on Mastodon

Email (plain or encrypted)

Known issues


Flatpak applications run in a sandbox that limits their access to the rest of the system. At the moment, Lagrange has not been fully adapted to use Flatpak Portal APIs, so the following are known issues:

See also

How to compile

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Emoji test page


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