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Broken Timeline Photograph

Collage, acrylic painting, drawing, pen and ink and colour Xerox 92x18cm 630.00

When description for a, as Katja initially called it, religious exhibition, appeared on the screen it immediately caught my interest, especially when a tower, one of the first in England with a bell and a clock, was described as a feature. Returning Email carried my entry. Towers with bells and clocks have always been part of my conscious and subconscious. They were part of dreams about problem solving. I was a very young child when WWII erupted. It is easy to become religious fast during Tsunamis, thunder and lightning over dry grassland and during wartime airraids and bombardments. In my dreams I found shelter in towers right behind the clock where it was possible to watch the endless stream of soldiers marching or riding by on motorcycles, while peeking through the acoustical narrow openings in the walls made to let out the sound of the bell.

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